Function & Specialty Paper

(from the left) water-soluble paper, water-writing paper, tea bag filter paper, oilproof paper, tape base paper, paper for vacuum cleaner, powder paper, the poster

Suggesting some extra functions supported by the technology for various scenes in industry and livelihood

Water-soluble paper (which dissolves in water rapidly and which can be printed and made into pouch)
  • MDP (label, notepad)
  • CD-2 (medical examination board, lantern to be floated down rivers)
  • Heat sealable type (sowing sheet)
Display base material (paper on which pictures and letters are displayed when getting wet)
  • Water writing paper for calligraphy practice, for letters and figures learning (coasters, stickers)
Paper for food (to control the water/oil absorption)
  • Tea filter paper (heatsealable filter paper, non heatsealable filter paper)
  • Meat casing paper (ham, sausage packaging)
  • Oilproof paper (fast food wrapping paper, non-fluoride oil-resistant paper)
  • Water absorbent sheet: Oaktoll, MAS (absorption of dew condensation, and drip, keeping from drying out)
Paper for various functions Powder paper (Powder-coated paper which can separate, displace powder)
  • Powder paper (cosmetic sample, powder-coated oil-blotting paper)
  • Various powder papers (various functional materials, coated paper)
OPER (synthetic paper laminated with resin)
  • MMW (map, cooling wrapping paper)
  • THE POSTER (outdoor commercial posters, election posters)
  • Premier (for general ink)
  • OPER MDP (for POP, LP-compatible waterproof paper)
  • PEN (for golf scorecard)